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Vascular Surgeon Connecticut | Dr. Richard M. Margules, M.D. | DanburyDr. Richard M. Margules, F.A.C.S - Connecticut Vascular Surgeon

Dr. Richard Margules is an Attending in General and Vascular Surgery at Danbury Hospital and has been in practice in the Danbury, CT area for the past 32 years.  He is a Fellow of the American College of Surgeons, a member of the New England Vascular Society and the Society for Clinical Vascular Surgery, a member of the Connecticut Board Surgeons, and the American Society of Breast Surgeons.  He is an Assistant Clinical Professor of Surgery, University of Vermont, and is active in patient care and teaching in the Danbury area.  Recently Dr. Margules recognized the need for specialized vein care in Connecticut and has developed the Laser Vein Center of Connecticut.  This is a natural outcome of his interest in laser surgery.  He is the only general surgeon in the Danbury area who is trained and qualified to use lasers in vein surgery.

Medical Education:


  • Chief Surgical Resident - University of California Affiliated Hospitals, San Francisco, CA
  • Resident - University of California Affiliated Hospitals, San Francisco, CA
  • Internship - Columbia Presbyterian Medical Center, New York, NY

Medical Degree

  • University of California School of Medicine, San Francisco, CA


  • Assistant Clinical Professor of Surgery, University of Vermont
  • Attending Surgeon, Danbury Hospital

Board Certification

  • Fellow, American College of Surgeons
  • American Board of Surgery

Society Memberships

  • American Society of Breast Surgeons
  • Connecticut Society of American Board Surgeons
  • Danbury Medical Society
  • Naffziger Surgical Society
  • New England Vascular Society
  • Society for Clinical Vascular Surgery


These Legs Were Made for Marathoning

26 miles, 385 yards – ask any runner and you’ll hear the same reaction. “That’s the marathon, the ultimate test.” The race has its heritage in ancient times and finishing the race is the mark of the serious runner.

Claudine, an international CPA, has done it not once, but five times since 1996. She’s run the LA marathon twice, Philadelphia once and the Chicago twice. She took one of her two brothers on each of her Chicago races, in 2002 and 2009, and finished both in fine fashion. Then came two beautiful children, her first in 2004, and second in 2007. Running, heredity and childbirth caused a worsening of her painful and unsightly varicose veins.

She turned to Dr. Richard Margules for help. “Claudine came to me with a long history of painful varicose veins, hurting more at the end of the day and when running marathons,” he said. “After appropriate conservative therapy failed, she underwent two staged EVLT procedures and some sclerotherapy. She has had excellent results and is now comfortable doing all the things she loves to do, marathoning included.”

Running is more than just exercise for Claudine. “We lived in Europe for four years. There’s little to compare with running in Prague or Paris in the early morning or at any time during the day or night. You see the essence of the city, the lights, the people going to work, children playing in the park – it’s the heartbeat of living there. Running gives me that and I never want to lose it. With my new legs, I’ll never have to worry.

“This May I finished third in my age group in one of the most fun races I’ve ever run – ‘The Run-Like-a-Mother’ Mother’s Day 5K. It was truly a family affair and I have Dr. Margules to thank for making the day so special.”


Testimonials | Connecticut | DanburyPOETRY IN MOTION

Circulatory disease can be sneaky. Doris Henderson had suffered from poor leg circulation early in life but thought the problem had been overcome. From childhood, she noticed discomfort when standing too long in one place.

”I can walk and I can run, but it hurts to just stand.” Later she wore support stockings during pregnancy, and in the classroom while teaching in high school and as a part-timer in college. When her children were older she was much relieved to find a “sit-down” office job, and after retirement she simply avoided long lines and other “long-standing” situations.

But one day in 2008 she noticed a strange red spot on her right leg. The tissue around it was getting hard and lumpy. What could the problem be – an infection, a tumor? Her primary care physician sent her to a general surgeon. The surgeon referred her to a dermatologist. By this time, the ankle was swelling, very itchy and irritated. The dermatologist decided this must be a circulatory problem and sent her to Dr. Margules at The Laser Vein Center of Connecticut.

After some preliminary testing, he recommended EVLT, a laser procedure. “What a difference it made! The red blotch disappeared and the swelling went away,” she said. Without treatment, the leg could have become ulcerated and seriously damaged. The left leg also had poor venous circulation. Its principal vein just wasn’t doing its job. The laser procedure was quick and effective for it as well.

Doris’ main concern: “Will I be laid up for a long time?” She explained to Dr. Margules that she was getting a book of poems published and needed to do readings and book signings. “Well, I needn’t have worried,” she said. “Not only was I up and around right away, I had orders to exercise! The best antidote for varicosities, besides EVLT, is to be active and keep the circulation going. So I could go ahead with no restrictions.”

“Dr. Margules is so easy to work with. He takes a personal interest in each patient, calls you up the day after the procedure to see how you’re doing. He even bought my poetry book! We had a great time talking about the poems. His sense of humor is a lot like mine, as in my poem that begins “I have a monkey inside my skull,” about embarrassing moments.

Doris Henderson’s book of poetry is titled “What Gets Lost.”

To learn more, and to see some sample poems, go to

Testimonials | Connecticut | DanburyWORKING THE LAND WITH MARK DE STEFANO

There are many professions that require a balance of mind and body. Landscaping is certainly no exception. But the body component is perhaps more heavily weighted for 39 year old Mark De Stefano, whose five year old, year-round landscaping and outdoor maintenance business requires that he be fit and ready for work every single day. His 120 plus clients count on his being on the job, doing the necessary work to keep their Fairfield County properties virtual showplaces. But for several years, the throbbing soreness, swelling and bruising of his large varicose veins didn’t make life any easier. In fact, he says, “When your legs hurt, nothing feels very good. It’s a major distraction and gets in the way of doing your best work.”

So in April and May of 2007, Mark visited the Laser Vein Center of Connecticut for help. He consulted with Dr. Richard Margules, whose new, virtually painless laser treatment for varicose veins had solved problems for countless people. Dr. Margules did a full work-up on Mark’s legs and discussed his options. They decided that the EVLT laser procedure would eliminate the painful and unsightly varicose veins and a procedure called sclerotherapy, injections into smaller vessels, would dissolve the residual varicose veins on the surface of both legs.

Mark had his left leg done in April and it was an instant success. He couldn’t wait to do the right, which Dr. Margules did the following month. Mark’s outcome was Testimonials | Connecticut | Danburyexcellent, with only two weeks recuperation. His pain and swelling was gone and the varicose veins were all but a memory. “With the pain gone and both legs looking pretty normal, I’m ready for all the challenges that my landscaping business throws my way,” he said. “Dr. Margules was more than a doctor – he was a medical friend. He understood how important it was for me to be comfortable in my own skin and got me back to my old self, maybe even better. I’d recommend him to anyone who wants the best of care and leading edge technology to solve their varicose vein problems.”

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Vascular Surgeon, Dr. Richard M. Margules, M.D.,
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